Monday, March 21, 2011

12 photographic/video artists

1. sophie calle, photographer/performance artist. France.

2. max kim-bee, photographer. London.

3. Gail Hadani, fashion photographer. New York.

4. Lois Greenfield, dance photographer. New York.

5. Edel Verzijl, photographer. Netherlands. C.Chermayeff, 2000. Fashion Photography Now.

6. Marcelo Krasilcic, photographic/video/sculpture artist.

7. Elaine Constantine, photographic/video artist. London.

8. Tom Van Heel, photographer.

9. Tim Walker, photographer. (photos not allowed to be posted)

10. Paolo Roversi, photographer.

11. Christian Witkin, photographer.

12. Spike Can Dance, video artist.

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